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We’ve all shared our plants at some time or another, but sharing has greater significance now. While some of us discuss plants we’ve purchased and added to our gardens, others from our community are sitting on the sidelines watching. They’re making choices between food, shelter, clothes for the kids, transportation, medicine, insurance, the list goes on. They’re missing out on the thrill and pleasure of anticipating a new plant friend. At The Plants Exchange, we know getting new plants is good medicine, that getting new plants keeps you involved in the community and looking forward to the awesome, good feelings new flowers elicit. Growing new kinds of plants or continuing a hybridizing program shouldn’t come to a halt, because a member of our community has met with disaster or is cash poor.

The concept of The Plants Exchange is simple. You offer a plant for free, you are paid the cost of postage, you ship the plant. Done deed. Other members do the same for you.